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A New Era of Well Being

At Totally U Healing Spa, we focus on Inner Wellness and ways to assist the total body in doing what it was designed to do. Our founder studied with some of the most highly educated and anointed herbalists, healers, and gurus and knew that one day God would use her to be one of his agents to help bring healing to humanity and to our beloved planet Earth. We are able to accomplish this through multiple systems highlighted below. 

Energy Enhancement System

Energy Enhancement System (EES) sessions are a life-force bio-scalar energy field that combined with your positive affirmations and meditation can provide the energy your cells need to repair so that you may heal according to God’s divine plan.

There is no limit to the number of sessions you can purchase at one time. Some clients find that they prefer or need sessions more frequently in the beginning and as they master their healing sessions become less frequent until only an occasional/monthly recharge is desired.

The minimum length of a session is 2 hours. The maximum length of a session is 4-hours. 

D. Davis

After the first visit, I noticed multiple changes.
I had a lot of tearing coming from my eyes which I had not experienced before. When my session was over, my vision was very clear, like everything was bright with no blurriness. It was like the EE System washed away what was making my vision blurry. I noticed the muscle and bone pains were gone also. I no longer needed to take the muscle relaxer for sciatica pain. I had an appointment with the kidney specialist about 2 weeks after my 2 nd visit with the EE System. My diagnosis showed 50 percent improvement in my kidney numbers and my blood pressure was 120/70. I was ecstatic with the result.


For the last two years, I’ve been dealing with pain in my shoulders and frozen shoulders with limited mobility. I tried both acupuncture
and massage therapy with no success
or improvement. After my first two hours with the EE System in Bolingbrook, IL, I felt better with more flexibility in both arms with NO pain;also, my energy level has increased tremendously. It seems like a miracle. I recommend this to everyone who is thinking about wholeness. I LOVE IT!!!

Valued Client

"Our beautiful 9-year-old daughter suddenly began having daily absence seizures in April of 2021. Being naturally minded, we began trying many different paths to heal her of this affliction. After attempting chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy for over a year, we became convinced that there was not a singular physical root cause for this to manifest. Within a week of just one, 2-hour session, her seizures completely ceased. It has been nearly 3 weeks now and our daughter says she finally feels like herself again and is excited about life. We, of course, do not know what the future will bring for her, but we do know that having this life-force bio-scalar energy system available to us means we have an excellent resource to bring balance and health to her life.

Service Information 

Deciding how many sessions you want/need and how long each session is, is a very personal decision. It depends on the following factors:











After your 1 st session, we will gladly work one-on-one with you to help you customize a treatment schedule that is as unique as you and your circumstances are. We are doing our best to accommodate everyone who’s wishing to experience the EESytem bio-scalar sessions, schedule your appointment by clicking the link below. 



How far are you traveling?
 How severe your current condition?

Your level of desire for change?

Your budget?
How often you are willing to travel to the location?

AO Scans

The AO Scan is a Bio-Frequency Scanner and a biofeedback device that focuses on repairing weakened frequencies in the body and normalizing body functions without the use of surgery, chemicals, or pills.

The Inner Voice, a sound harmonizing frequency, generates balancing audio frequencies derived from the voice spectrum which identifies weaknesses in the human voice and emotions. 


There are 130,000 biomarkers that can be measured to determine if there are out of range or out of balance that are manifesting as a die-ease, disorder, or discomfort.


This can be revealed without a blood test, urine sample, or MRI and is more accurate than most lab tests; including all body systems, Charkas, and Meridians.


A Sound Engineer mentioned how they would use sound frequency to make people sick in the Military application so he knew you could use sound to make people well.

What is an AO Scan? 
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